Dr Natasha Nice is your therapy Doctor with huge breasts and you have sexual behavior problems

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Let's face it. You've got a problem. You're obsessed with big boobs. Especially, huge, all-natural titties. That's why you're in Dr. Natasha Nice's office. Dr. Nice is a sex therapist. Dr. Nice specializes in deviant sexual behaviors. And if anyone's a sexual deviant...it's you. Why? You've been sacked from many jobs for one thing: staring at all the women in your office who have big, all-natural tits. So you need help. Enter Dr. Nice, who's going to get you past your fetish of staring at -- or wanting to worship -- big, natural breasts. Dr. Nice is very experienced. She's had a lot of experience in the field. You see, Dr. Nice has a GIANT rack -- easily G's or H's! So Dr. Nice will break your bad habits and allow you to perform in the workplace once again! And don't worry about "blue balls" -- Dr. Nice will take care of that issue, too!!